A important fact about fiat

by thanonofblank

Fiat currencies allways fail I’m sure a good chunk of people on here understand that.

But we must make it clear that all fiat surges in value before the hyper-inflation comes in and destroys the worth.

Simply saying the dollar is boing to go to zero out right without explaing how it will get to zero only sets you up as a fool in people of a more gullible natures eyes.

We must clarify that all Fiat currencies throughout history have surged in record-breaking highs before hyperinflation comes in and reduces the currencies value to zero.

We have the fed pumping out 10’s of billions of dollars right now and pushing it into the financial system to make everything look better then things actually are.

highlighting this and asking “if the economy is so good like Trump and others claim why does the FED need to pump tens of billions of dollars into it?”

This is a good bet sense We do not just make a Claim and unrealisticly expect people to accept it,we present our reason and show that there’s a clear question,and if the person we are communicating with is intrested they can go of our reason and use it as a link to fill in the dots themself by revrse engineering our reason to find the pattren we based our reasoning on which is simply supply and demand.

Greated it would be better to explain how a Mass printing a currency only devalues it because it becomes more common therefore easier to obtain,let alone the fact that fiat can only be enforced by governments because they primarily use for sand manipulation in order to make the currency required to use instead of relying on market demand to initiate a demand for it.

This method is mostly designed as a means for small talk, that will act more as a seat that will Sprout the more the symptoms become a everyday occurrence within the economic system by Regular People.

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