Biden’s presidential campaign is to give him cover for crimes in office

by KDE_Fan

It seems ludicrous to think that Biden has any chance at getting the party bid for president considering all the things he says that are completely off topic, out of line, nonsensical, etc – he makes Trumps tweets seem deeply intellectual by most accounts. On top of this Biden decided to brag about using the power of his political office, VP, to strong arm Ukraine to drop an investigation into the company who had hired his son (Biden’s) and then threatened to withhold promised US financial aid as the leverage to get the investigator/prosecutor replaced by a more amenable prosecutor. This was only one of the issues Biden admitted to doing while in office and I’m guessing he never thought it was going to be a problem b/c he was planning on a Hillary victory.

So now we have Trump in the office and there have been investigations into various actions during Obama’s presidency and the latest issue the Dem’s are pushing is a conversation Trump had with Ukraine’s president and saying that it was treason, collusion or whatever they are calling it, and saying it’s yet another reason for impeachment. Well, it seems that it is likely that this conversation may have been in regards to Bidens actions as VP but since Joe is now running for president, it makes it look like Trump is targeting a presidential hopeful and the dem’s are calling it a political assassination of sorts.

Well even the Dem’s have said that a Biden presidency is a Joke and even Obama won’t endorse him. It’s clear that he is running either out of ego or as a defensive measure hoping that his run for office will take the heat of any investigation into crimes committed while in office – b/c if he is investigated he can say he was unfairly targeted by the Executive branch, when that is their job in the first place. No one really thinks old Joe has the mental acuity to run the nation for a day let alone 4 years and it’s pretty clear in just about every interview where he can’t even remember what happened when he was in office or what has happened since he was out of office.

So I think this is all part of a charade to not only give Joe political cover for his crimes, but by him running, he can also make Trump look like the bad guy for doing his job. It also has an additional benefit of making the other candidates look good and mentally competent (in mental acuity, not political policy) in comparison, which they desperately need.



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