Google creates world’s most powerful computer, NASA ‘accidentally reveals’ ..and then publication vanishes

Software engineers at Google have built the world’s most powerful computer, the Financial Times reported on Friday, citing the company’s now-removed research paper. The paper is said to have been posted on a website hosted by NASA, which partners with Google, but later quietly taken down, without explanation. Google and NASA have refused to comment on the matter.

Google reportedly claimed that it takes their new quantum processor just around 200 seconds to make calculations that existing supercomputers would require around 10,000 years to perform. They also said the processor requires mere 30 seconds to complete a task the Google Cloud server would need 50 trillion hours to do…

Google says it has achieved “quantum supremacy,” an experimental demonstration of the superiority of a quantum computer over a traditional one.. Fortune obtained a copy of Google’s paper, which was posted to earlier this week before being taken down. The Financial Times first reported the news

Dario Gil, head of IBM Research, advises against using quantum supremacy as a metric with which to measure progress in the field. “The experiment and the ‘supremacy’ term will be misunderstood by nearly all,” ..Gil described the experiment as a highly special case “laboratory experiment” that has “no practical applications.” He added, “Quantum computers will never reign ‘supreme’ over classical computers..





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