Local news is being suppressed in so many Cities now, it’s insane!

by John

I’ve been noticing more and more that local news in any given Libtard city is just not being reported any longer .

The web pages are being scrubbed down to just car accidents and Fires etc . .

The violent crimes are not being reported by the TV channels Web Page . I know it was limited in the past few years because of Obama and the agenda to HIDE felony crime . However , now it’s over the top .

I log into my local news TV web sites and others from up in NY , like Rochester NY and other close by cities and the local news is littered with NFL crap , car accidents , House fires , silly local politics etc . .

The MEDIA is on a mission to hide the crime of a certain racial group from the masses .

It’s so obvious even a blind man could see it .

What is the agenda ? Why aren’t there more people exposing this ?

We can NEVER comment either , that’s the other real issue . No public out cry or debate .

We truly are Sheep and our media outlets are so pathetic it sickens me .

Is your town or city a safe place ? Who is making it UNSAFE ?

Do you see crime on a daily basis like I did , until I moved away from it .


I moved to NC on the coast here . Crime is reported in print here . All kinds . Meth heads to sex crimes , to violent di nn doo crime .

I notice up North when looking around the Great lakes regions and Finger lakes .

Mostly large cities TV station local news .

Violent Crime if by a White is reported but day to day ghetto bidness is Omitted .

It is so damn obvious !

Also we as citizens have NO OUTLET to report it . Topix is gone and that went UBER liberal .

Instantly a racist for just posting ghetto crime .

Posting on Local news stories is gone also .

FB moderators delete ANY disparaging facts they deem fit to Omit .

It’s like this is Hunger Games already .

Cutting of access to info is a crime in itself .

Rochester NY were I’m from was once the Tech . Capitol of the World . It died in the late 70’s .

The 80’s were terrible , Crack , Heroine , Crime , prostitution Everywhere .

40 years later and it’s 10 times worse . Except now the cops are INSANE power trippers.

We left 6 years ago . All our friends are stuck there . It rated 103 out of 110 for WORST CITIES in the USA .

So knowing that ,where is the crime right ? NOT BEING EXPOSED !

The black majority has taken over and it’s like South Africa for white kids in school there . Literally all the schools have not 1 cop but dozens on stand by for school violence that is so over the top it MUST be suppressed .



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