MORE Layoffs, MORE Store Closures! Global Economic Collapse Already Happening

The world is in a state of turmoil. There’s no denying that at this time. What is quite obvious is that central banks have been intervening in a market, have taken it over, and are the only thing backstopping the most catastrophic losses that have ever been seen. The only rebuttal is that people believe central banks will never pull the plug. Perhaps so. But real deflation is occurring and cannot be stopped. In the case of Japan, real investors continue to flee, being replaced by absolute nonsense central bank money printing. There is no real value left. Inch by inch, all countries are going in the same direction… Wise up or be left behind.


There is no conclusion to this story. It began a long time ago and yet it persists. There once was an empire that stretched far and wide. Its might was unmatched. It’s strength, never seen before. It’s dominance was constantly displayed. Today, the story has changed somewhat. The empire has been eroded from within and no longer is it able to stand on its own two feet. Its fate is inevitable. Soon, the earth with rumble under the heels of the angry mobs.


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